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For International Students Wishing to Do a Part-Time Job

FiSSC offers a free part-time job placement service to international students enrolled in universities, junior colleges and technical colleges located in Fukuoka Prefecture. The jobs include those involving interpretation and translation, and allow international students to make use of their skills.

*The Free Job Placement Service Desk of the Fukuoka International Student Support Center’s Administrative Council offers a free job referral service, based on a permit issued by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. (Permit No.: 40-ム-300012, Permitted date: October 1, 2008)

Flowchart from Registration to Employment

Eligible applicants

  • International students enrolled in graduate schools, universities, junior colleges and technical colleges located in Fukuoka Prefecture.
    (* Reiwa 2nd year:Incruding international students enrolled in special training college and Japanese language school located in Fukuoka Prefecture.)
  • Formar international students who engage in job hunting activities with the resident status of designated activities after graduating from school in Fukuoka Prefecture

Registration Method

  1. Please fill out this form

  2. Your student ID and your residence card (front and back) is required.
    Please have this ready beforehand to have a smooth registration.
    ※If you are having issues with registering, please contact FiSSC.

    Example of completed form:
    한국어 / 中文 / नेपा / Người việt nam
    ※When registering, please input in Japanese or English.

    When registration is complete, FiSSC will contact you.(

What You Should Know Before Starting a Part-Time Job

*Obtain permission to engage in non-academic activities

International students who wish to work part-time (to engage in paid activities) must first obtain permission to engage in non-academic activities. The application for permission should be submitted to the nearby Immigration Bureau office by the international student, either in person or through the university/college in which the student is enrolled. If you wish to engage in a part-time job, you should be careful to keep your job activities within a scope that does not affect your studying, which is the essential purpose of being an international student, and also stay within the permitted scope of non-academic activities (regarding work contents, maximum working hours and permitted period of employment).

Know the upper limit on part-time working hours

For those with a resident status of “college student,” the maximum number of working hours is stipulated by the Immigration Control Act as described below.

  • Permitted working hours per week: No more than 28 hours
  • Permitted working hours during long school breaks (summer vacation, winter vacation, etc.): No more than 8 hours per day

FiSSC has published a Guide to Part-Time Jobs for International Students (PDF:1503KB) to provide advice to international students who wish to take on part-time jobs. 
Please refer to it for more information.