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For International Students Seeking a Regular Job

FiSSC supports the job hunting activities of each international student who is seeking a job at a company in Fukuoka Prefecture and elsewhere in Japan with an individual job placement service, job search seminars and individual consultations.

*The Free Job Placement Service Desk of the Fukuoka International Student Support Center’s Administrative Council offers a free job referral service, based on a permit issued by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
(Permit No.: 40-ム-300012, Permitted date: October 1, 2008)

Flowchart from Registration to Employment

Eligible applicants

International students enrolled in graduate schools, universities, junior colleges and technical colleges located in Fukuoka Prefecture, and those engaged in job hunting activities with the resident status of designated activities (non-academic activities after graduation)

Area served


Range of job types

All kinds (For regular employment, only those jobs that are in accordance with the resident status stipulated in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act)


  1. こちらのフォームに入力して登録してください
  2. 登録時には学生証と在留カードの写真(表・裏)が必要です。


For those engaged in job hunting activities with the resident status of designated activities (non-academic activities after graduation)
  1. A document that proves actual enrollment at a university or a college in Fukuoka, such as a certificate of graduation
  2. A document that proves eligibility to engage in job hunting activities under the resident status of designated activities
  3. Residence card (alien registration certificate)
  4. Registration Form for a Job-Seeker(EXCEL:55KB)Please download the form and fill it out by hand (no typed entries).

“Shukatsu Oen Club,” Job Search Seminars for International Students

FiSSC hosts job search seminars for international students who seek jobs at Japanese companies.
The programs conducted in 2013 included the following:

  • How to start job search activities
  • How to dress properly, the proper use of words, proper behavior
  • Basic knowledge regarding job search activities and business
  • How to make phone calls
  • Self-analysis
  • Industry research
  • Time schedule for job search activities, how to make an application
  • Reconfirmation of the time schedule for job search activities, company information session
  • How to fill in a resume and application
  • Interview, group discussion

For fiscal 2014, we are planning new programs. For the latest information, please check News and Facebook


Individual Consultation

FiSSC offers individual consultation sessions on employment with a job search specialist (special staff to provide support in job hunting).
They will correct your resume and offer mock job interviews on a one-to-one basis. A reservation must be made for this session, and one session lasts one hour or less.

For information regarding private consultations(PDF:184KB), please download this file.

Messages from Job Search Specialists

“What are the advantages of working in Japan for you?” "Think about your life."

What kind of life do you want to lead? You should think about it seriously, not only on a short-term basis, but with a view toward your future. Obtaining a job is one of the means you can choose to lead the life you desire. When a student starts job hunting, the assurance of a job offer becomes the number one aim. However, you should objectively consider what advantages working in Japan will offer your future, and write them down. If you later become discouraged during your job search activities, you can read them again to get back on track with new energy.

“What are the advantages you offer a potential Japanese employer?” "Think about the company’s future, too."

List as many advantages as possible that you can bring to a company that might hire you. After studying the history, corporate philosophy, status quo and policies for the future of that company, consider what specific contributions you can make. In job hunting activities in Japan, seeing things from the other person’s point of view is important. By identifying not only the advantages you receive, but also those you can offer your employer, you will be able to draw a realistic picture of your future.

Make the most of FiSSC services!

Conducting job hunting activities alone is very hard. As FiSSC has people trained to help you with your job search, please feel free to talk with us about your concerns, or about things you do not understand when conducting your job hunting activities. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Messages from Former International Students” Videos to Support Job Search Activities