Fukuoka is the Gateway to Asia.

The prefecture of Fukuoka is located on the northern tip of Kyushu island and on the western side of Japan. Being geographically close to the Korean peninsula, Fukuoka has many historical links to the mainland. For this reason, Fukuoka is known as the "Gateway to Asia". Today, Fukuoka continues to be active in international exchanges with Asian countries.

Fukuoka is easily accessible by public transport and has established links with key cities in the Asia Pacific and within Japan. To reach Fukuoka by air, it takes only 1h 30m from Tokyo, 1h 10 min from Seoul, 1h 30min from Shanghai and 2h 30min from Taipei.

An illustrated map showing Fukuoka and nearby cities. Seoul and Shanghai are within 1,000km of Fukuoka, while Taipei and Beijing are within 2,000km.