How We Can Offer a Second Home

Students coming to Fukuoka from overseas may face many hurdles, particularly those involving language and cultural issues. FiSSC’s support activities for international students who come to Fukuoka often start in the students’ home countries, with seminars about study in Fukuoka held in various countries. FiSSC also has a multilingual website where prospective students can learn much about Fukuoka before they even arrive here. Once the students are attending school in Fukuoka, we continue our support by offering life consultations, introducing students to part-time jobs and providing employment support in a comprehensive manner. FiSSC also offers follow-up support after the students graduate.

Studying in Fukuoka

Currently, about 9,000 international students are studying in Fukuoka Prefecture. Our role is to prepare an environment that allows them to concentrate on their studies and research at each university.

Living in Fukuoka

FiSSC engages in consultations with students from abroad who find themselves in an unfamiliar environment. We work to eliminate their worries, and arrange exchange events between international students and local residents, creating a comfortable environment for the international students’ new lives in Fukuoka.

Working in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Prefecture is the driver of the Kyushu economy, and is home to a concentration of numerous corporations and organizations. FiSSC introduces part-time jobs to international students while they are attending school, and offers employment support after graduation so students can pursue a career using the knowledge they acquire in Fukuoka.

Comprehensive Support System for a Comfortable Student Life
Comprehensive Support System for a Comfortable Student Life

Pre-university(Transmission of Useful Information on Studying in Fukuoka)

General Promotional Activities/Overseas Study Promotions

Overseas Activities to Attract International Students to Fukuoka

FiSSC hosts Study Abroad in Fukuoka Japan seminars in various cities abroad, and also exhibits in booths in general study abroad fairs.

Cities Study Fairs Conducted (PDF:70KB)

Creation and Distribution of Multilingual Leaflets

FiSSC has created multilingual leaflets that briefly introduce the attractions of Fukuoka Prefecture and provide information on studying in Fukuoka. They are distributed at overseas universities, diplomatic establishments abroad, convenience stores and elsewhere.

Multiple languages (PDF)

International students, both men and women, smiling and posing for the photo.

During Study(Reliable Counselors Help International Students Lead a Fulfilling Student Life)

Life Consultation

Please feel free to ask us about any problem you face in your student life, and do not try taking it all on by yourself. 
FiSSC can introduce you to a solution to your problems and provide access to concerned parties in partnership with diverse organizations. 
We are open on weekends and national holidays, and offer regular consultations in English, Chinese and Korean.

Consultation by Phone :
TEL 092-725-9201
Consultation by Email :
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Introduction of Part-Time Jobs

For international students enrolled in universities, junior colleges and technical colleges located in Fukuoka Prefecture, FiSSC offers a free part-time job placement service for jobs in areas such as interpretation and translation, which enable international students to make good use of their skills.

Engagement with Local Residents

In cooperation with the Fukuoka Overseas Students Association (FOSA)and other international student associations from various countries and universities, FiSSC assists in building exchanges and engagement with Japanese students and local citizens.

Each FiSSC program is conducted with the support of student volunteers called “Omusubigumi.” International students and their Japanese counterparts, who may have very different customs and ways of thinking, team up and remain engaged in from program planning to management. This process helps develop uniquely international perspectives in the students.

A group of students standing on stage hosting an event.
Japanese Culture Classes

FiSSC offers foreign students opportunities to learn about a wide range of subjects, covering the traditional, corporate and youth cultures of Japan, with young Japanese and local residents.

International students and Japanese students wearing traditional Japanese costumes together.
Employment Support

FiSSC provides assistance in job hunting activities for each student studying at a university or a college. We support international students who seek jobs in Fukuoka Prefecture and elsewhere in Japan with an individual job placement service, job search seminars and individual consultations.

※The Free Job Placement Service Desk of the Fukuoka International Student Support Center’s Administrative Council offers a free job referral service, based on a permit issued by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. (Permit No.: 40-ム-300012, Permitted date: October 1, 2008)

Post-graduation(Networking to Connect after Graduation)

Follow-up Support
  • FiSSC does much more than support current students. We also promote networking between returned students and former international students working in Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • We expect these returned students to serve as a bridge in attracting new students to Fukuoka and in developing international business.

※FiSSC has established associations of returned international students in Shanghai, Hanoi, Phnom Penh and São Paulo, as well as the Fukuoka Former Overseas Students Association in Fukuoka.

Associations of Returned International Students and Fukuoka Former Overseas Students Association