Announcement from the Fukuoka Prefectural Government Daily Living 21.09.17

Typhoon No.14 is expected to come close to Fukuoka Prefecture around evening on the 17th. The Fukuoka Regional Meteorological Observatory has issued a warning for heavy rain, high wind, storm surge, and hightide. We urge people to pay close attention to the following points

1.Evacuate as soon as possible
Pay close attention to weather information broadcasted on TV and radio. Even if there is no evacuation order, if you judge the situation to be dangerous, evacuate voluntarily as soon as possible.

2.Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities
Please minimize your outdoor activities when rain and wind reaches hazardous levels. Please stay away from dangerous areas particularly beside the ocean and rivers.

3.Avoid outdoor work-related activities
In the past there have been case of roof has collapsed due to strong wind while they were working on roof reinforcement. Please try to avoid outdoor work activities during strong wind.

4.Gathering Information
Please check the latest weather information on the Japan Meteorological Agency website, TV, radio, etc. Please pay close attention to the disaster prevention information from municipalities, such as the [Alert Level 4] evacuation order.

5.Beware for high tide
Please be on high alert for high tide for areas along the coast.

6.Be careful underground
Underground facilities such as underground buildings, underground malls, and underground parking lots can be dangerous due to the inflow of rainwater.

7.Pay attention to differences in your surroundings (precursor signs)
When landslides occur, there may be unusual signs, such as a drop in the water level of a river while it is still raining, a mountain rumbling, or pebbles falling in pieces. Be aware of these unusual signs.

8.When evacuating, please take infection prevention measure against COVID-19.
(1) Evacuate from your home where you can be assured of safety, or evacuate in a scattered manner including the homes of relatives and friends
(2) Stockpile infection preventive items such as masks and disinfectants, and bring them with you to the evacuation site
(3) Please take your temperature, disinfect your hands, and wash your hands thoroughly at the evacuation sites.

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