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Fukuoka International Student
Support Center

3F ACROS Fukuoka 1-1-1 Tenjin,
Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka,
Fukuoka International Student
Support Center

(inside Kokusai Hiroba)
TEL 092-725-9201
FAX 092-725-9206
Opening hours 10:00-19:00
Open every day except between Dec 29 - Jan 3

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The heart of industry and life in Kyushu – Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka – the place to be for international students

Fukuoka is the heart of Kyushu, located in the south-west of the Japanese Archipelago. Today, some 5 million people live in the 4,977 km2 of land that makes up the prefecture. With over 9,000 students from 100 countries and regions, Fukuoka is extremely popular with international students, only behind Tokyo and Osaka in terms of international student numbers. Fukuoka Prefecture is also experiencing an ongoing rise in young people who come for the latest trends and excitement. Furthermore, as Kyushu's top economic hub, it is home to major businesses and institutions and is renowned as a thriving center of automobile, semi-conductor and videogame content production.

●Population: Approximately 5 million
●Number of international students: Approximately 9,000
●Kyushu's leading business center

Perfect for fashion, food and lifestyle, Fukuoka ticks all the boxes

At the forefront of trends, the center for people and goods from all over Kyushu

Where you can always find the latest world fashions

From trendy, fast fashion that's reasonably priced to the world's top designer brands, Tenjin in the heart of Fukuoka is the ideal place to enjoy shopping. The area's department stores and fashion outlets are connected by an underground mall, a fashion street popular with people of all ages. Meanwhile, the Daimyo-Yakuin district is bustling with activity throughout the year with boutiques and interior shops, as well as unique cafes and restaurants.

  • 天神地区
  • 天神地下街

A "culinary crossroads" of cuisine from around the world

One of Japan's biggest names in dining - Fukuoka

Fukuoka's food is renowned for being delicious, and is the reason many people come to visit. Fresh sea food and farm produce that is affordable and safe is a hallmark of Fukuoka. Whether it is local specialties like motsunabe and pork ramen or cuisine and sweets from Asia and beyond, people can savor the variety of choices on offer. Fukuoka's food stalls, where workers and tourists come together to eat and drink at night, are a spectacle famous right across Japan.

  • 刺身
  • あまおう
  • 屋台

Safety and comfort make for a great place to live

Experience Fukuoka's charm and you won't want to leave

Fukuoka is a very popular place to live in Japan, and is loved for a number of reasons. It is surrounded by the sea and mountains, and the food is delicious while the cost of living is low. Compared to other major cities, living in Fukuoka is not expensive, meaning you can enjoy eating out and going shopping. Also, finding part time work is easy, with many international students getting work through the Fukuoka International Student Support Center. International students can also gain valuable social experience here to help them find work. Outstanding public transportation means commuting to university or going shopping is made easy. Travelling by bus or subway is safe and convenient with announcements and signage in English, Chinese and Hangul.


An area blessed with a great climate

Pleasantly warm, Fukuoka is a city of four seasons. Throughout the year, the area has an average rainfall of 1768.5mm and an average temperature of 17 degrees, creating one of Japan's milder climates. You can spend summer comfortably in a t-shirt, and while you need a coat in winter, it doesn't snow heavily. With streets bursting with stores, you can find all the clothes you need at reasonable prices in Fukuoka.

●Fashion: Lots of entertainers and fashion models come from Fukuoka! The streets come to life with stylish stores and people
●Food: A paradise for safe and fresh food! Prices are more reasonable than other cities
●Living: Enjoy a mild climate and low-cost living! A city with rich nature and urban side-by-side for the perfect environment

Current international students living in Fukuoka

The lives of the international students enjoying Fukuoka

What are the lives of international students in Fukuoka really like? We asked international students currently living in Fukuoka for the real story. Firsthand advice before you see it for yourself!

  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

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