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FiSSC Supports Making Friends Before and During Your Study in Fukuoka

FiSSC supports various international student associations, such as the Fukuoka Overseas Students Association (FOSA).

The Fukuoka International Student Support Center’s Administrative Council (FiSSC) supports various international student associations by country, region and university (such as the Fukuoka Overseas Students Association) to help students from abroad settle into their local community as soon as possible.

What is an international student association?

Each international student association engages in a variety of activities, aiming to encourage the development of friendships among students from abroad, and also between the students and local citizens. Some associations deal with inquiries from those hoping to study in Fukuoka, provide information on part-time jobs and supply daily necessities. We strongly recommend that students contact these associations to build a circle of friends with whom they can share the pleasures and concerns that arise from living in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Overseas Students Association (FOSA)

FOSA was founded by international students who were studying in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1987.
Some 20 international students from various countries and universities serve as executive committee members, and plan and run a variety of events. Their aim is to deepen friendly relations among international and Japanese students and to promote international understanding through exchanges with local residents.

To international students

Any student from abroad who is studying in Fukuoka can take part in FOSA events. When you start your campus life in Fukuoka, be sure to contact FOSA first! We will provide you with a lot of helpful information.


International Student Associations by Country and Region

  • 九州大学アフリカン会(ASKU)
  • 在九州カンボジア留学生会(ACSK)
  • 九州地区中国学友会
  • 在日インドネシア留学生協会福岡支部
  • 福岡ネパールソサエティー(FUNESO)
  • 在日ナイジェリア人組合九州支部
  • 台湾在日福岡留学生会
  • 在福タイ協会(ThaiFuk)
  • 在福岡ベトナム留学生青年協会(VYSAF)

1. African Society of Kyushu University (ASKU)

To international students

We plan a variety of events to help African students get to know each other, and to introduce African cultures and values to Japanese people. Let’s introduce African cultures to a wider audience while enjoying African dishes and music together!


2. Association of Cambodian Students in Kyushu (ACSK)

To international students

ACSK was founded by Cambodian students residing in Kyushu for the purpose of deepening friendships among themselves, and to share their knowledge and experiences. We hold events such as our party on Lunar New Year’s Day to introduce Cambodian culture to people from Japan and other countries. Let’s make a lot of friends through our fun events!


3. Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in Kyushu, Japan

To international students

We are an organization of Chinese students living in Kyushu, founded in cooperation with the Consulate-General of the Peoples Republic of China in Fukuoka. We plan various events, such as employment guidance workshops for Chinese students, sports events and a singing contest, to help make life more meaningful for Chinese students both during their student lives and after graduation. We are also making efforts to promote goodwill between Japan and China.


4. Indonesian Student’s Association in Fukuoka, Japan

To international students

In order to support Indonesian students in their study lives, friendly exchanges between Indonesian students and Japanese people, and to introduce Indonesian information to people in Fukuoka, we hold a variety of events all year round, including discussion sessions, lectures, and sporting and cultural events. We aim to play a leading role in creating a promising future for our country, not just from the position of international student, but as representatives of Indonesia.


5. Fukuoka Nepal Society (FUNESO)

To international students

Our activities include study meetings that cover daily life, and exchange events for members to help Nepalese students lead a safe and comfortable life in Fukuoka. We also hold various cultural exchange events, such as the Baishakhi Mela festival (to celebrate the New Year for Nepal and Bangladesh), with the purpose of introducing Nepalese culture to Japanese people. We welcome you to join our activities and make as many friends as possible through cultural experiences and friendly exchanges.


6. Nigerian Union, Kyushu, Japan

To international students

We are a group of students who love to have fun among ourselves, as well as with people from Japan and other countries. We hold a variety of events throughout a year, including a BBQ party in spring where participants can enjoy African music and dance, a football event and participation in UNICEF Day in summer and Nigeria Day (a cultural exchange event) in autumn. We are certain that you will enjoy participating in our events. Let’s learn from friends through international exchange, and let others know more about Nigeria!


7. Taiwanese Students Organization in Fukuoka, Japan

To international students

We support the academic life of Taiwanese students, and promote mutual understanding and international goodwill through international exchange activities. If you are a Taiwanese student, come join us to enjoy our sometimes passionate and sometimes fun discussions, and to interact with various people and worlds through the recreational trips or meals we have together. You will certainly have the opportunity to try something new. Join us!


8. Thai Association in Fukuoka (ThaiFuk)

To international students

In order to deepen friendly relations among Thai people living in Fukuoka, we are engaged in diverse activities, including information sharing. For example, we hold a BBQ party and a New Year’s party annually. We also serve Thai dishes to participants and take part in a culture show hosted by FOSA and the Hakata Dontaku Festival. We welcome not only Thai people who have just arrived in Fukuoka, but also Japanese people who are interested in Thai culture. Come join with us in our activities!


9. Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in Fukuoka (VYSAF)

To international students

VYSAF is an association for Vietnamese people who are living, working and studying in Fukuoka and throughout Kyushu. We hold several activities throughout each year, such as meetings and sporting events, which are open to the attendance of people from other countries as well as VYSA members. VYSA is a place where everyone can make friends, share information and support each other. Let’s help each other out, and have a wonderful student life in Kyushu!


*For information on international student associations in each university, please refer to the official website of each university.